Toll Lite

Toll Lite 2.0

Windows Browser based freight management system useable online or offline
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Toll Lite is a Windows Browser based freight management system that can be used online (connected to the Internet) or offline (no Internet connection). Toll Lite is specifically designed to assist customers in the presentation of their freight for despatch with clear and accurate barcoded address labels.
In addition to eliminating the need to handwrite connotes and maintain sender's copies from each consignment, Toll Lite prepares a daily manifest of all consignments which is stored for retrieval as required.
Toll Lite can also create an electronic file that can be transmitted via the Internet to your respective business unit at the completion of each day's despatch preparation. Electronic transmission reduces the risk of lost connotes, improves the accuracy of information sent through for billing/invoicing and creates the first step in the Tracking process.

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